About Us

We're Jaime and Lizzie, and this is our dream. 

Cardigan Press is the result of tweets that turned into DMs that turned into phone calls, all flowing from an enthusiasm to build something that combined our editorial passion with the creativity of the writers we love. 

We opened our inbox October 2020 for our debut anthology project and it's been a whirlwind of celebrating talent and cultivating ideas ever since. 

Where we go next is really up to all of you and the stars. We're determined to leap where we feel most lead. Our future goals include working with writing artists of collections, as well as novelists. What we want is still being defined, though we are certain of writing that is centered on realistic, diverse characters with thematic journeys that run parallel to the experiences of readers in the 21st century who are trying to navigate the societal issues that impact our daily lives. 


It feels like we're family...

but we still have unique histories.

Our proofreaders

Bri Eberhart

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Bri Eberhart currently resides in Lockport, NY with her husband and two cats. She graduated from SUNY Empire State College in October 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and a concentration in Creative Writing and Literature. Her short stories have appeared in the Scarlet Leaf Review and Openwork Mag. You can find her at https://brieberhart.wordpress.com/

Laurie Riihimaki

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Laurie Riihimaki is a full-time freelance writer, managing editor, and busy-bee covering topics such as sex and relationships, holistic medicine, women's health, self-care, and career and personal development. Laurie's background and studies with theatre in Boston, London, and New York City have helped her to create a fun, comical voice that she utilizes in her writing. When she is not writing for work, Laurie puts time into developing novels, poetry, and personal essays. 

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Andrew Robinette

Andrew Robinette is a graduate from Western Carolina University with an M.A. in English. Andrew is also an instructor of English at Isothermal Community College in Spindale, North Carolina. Andrew enjoys editing, writing original fiction and poetry, and creating music-related lists. Andrew is currently working on writing an experimental metafiction book about a panel of people who are discussing the behind-the-scenes creation of a book about a person who writes a book based on his real fake life that is stranger than fiction.