Is there a submission fee?

No. Our personal publishing ethos is that writers should not be required to pay to for our reading attention and responses.

Is there compensation for those accepted into the anthology?

We say thank you to our contributors by giving each writer a free copy for the finished book. Your support of our press will help us move toward our goal of becoming a paying market in the future. 

Do I need to work with an editor prior to submission?

We are a full service press, meaning we will work with our contributors to edit their submission for publication. We do expect writers to turn in their best polished work, but we also know that typos sneak in and hindsight will inspire you to change something as soon as you hit send. It’s okay! We are judging based on your story, not your perfection. Whether you work with someone prior to submitting is up to you, but we in no way require it.

What happens after I am accepted?

All acceptances will come with a contributor agreement. Once signed, we can officially begin spreading the news and planning final edits for your submission. We love to work with our contributors to create marketing content along the way, such as blog interviews, live events, and Twitter mixers. We want to do everything we can to help you have a platform and meet readers!

How will contributors be recognized in the book?

In addition to title pages with full bios, each writer will have their media listed in our appendix. We strongly encourage writers to take advantage of this marketing opportunity by listing media handles and relevant links to direct readers to your work.

How maintains copyright?

All rights revert back to the author upon publication of the anthology.