Carson Sandell

“Finding support in your highest highs is easy. Everyone wants to be your friend when they have something to gain. But support in your lows — that’s where true love is found. Carson’s poem ‘Crinkled Nights’ is an ode to the special someones who appear at the darkest hours and give us hope for brighter, more successful days.” — Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

What genre/age ranges do you typically write for?

I typically write for a more mature audience since a lot of themes in my work might be heavy to some youth. I would say my target age range would be about 16/17 and up. And as far as genre, my go-to is poetry, even though I started out as a fiction writer.

How would you say your Byline Legacies poem, “Crinkled Nights”, is different or similar to your usual writing?

My submission to Cardigan Press is different in terms of language and style, but similar in the aspects of storytelling and content such as mental health and family.

How can readers best support you at this time?

The best way to support me at this time is to read the poems that have been published via my website Since I currently don’t have a collection (still sending it out), building a supportive audience and a group of friends is super important to me.

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