Coral Rivera

“Coral’s story is the confession of every publishing moment that has ever pulled the rug from under our feet and left us broken on the floor. But rather than blame, curse, and resent, Coral shows us how to find the courage within ourselves, our creation, and our dreams to move into a new and unexpected chapter that’s even better than the last.” — Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

I tend to go for Young Adult/Adult and I typically write sff/magical realism fiction. I recently started a second novel which was meant to be literary fiction and it quickly turned fantastical. It seems magic never really wants to leave me.

In what way is your story in Byline Legacies similar and/or different from your usual writing?

My submission is non-fiction, based on feelings and issues I experienced in the publishing world, though it’s heavily influenced by my first published novel and its main character. My writing tends to be the three S’s—sad, sentimental, and salty/sassy—and I think this piece encompasses all of those things.

How can readers best support your “three S’s” at this time?

Readers can follow me on Twitter, sign up for my newsletter/blog posts on my website, and read my first novel, A Deathly Compromise, for free on Wattpad (currently posting). If you like it, please share and spread the love! Here’s the blurb:

Meet Death—Dee, for short—the queen of the underworld incarnated into the form of a young woman who has taken up residence in a Portland hospital. With a killer attitude and a playlist to match, she spirits away the souls of the dying for their journey to the great beyond. The only problem? She’s been housed in the same host body for centuries, and she’s growing restless waiting for the next great disaster to strike. Enter Aria, a precocious young patient who challenges her perception of humanity, and Lux, a handsome stranger with an advanced form of cancer. Soon Dee finds herself locked in the struggle of her “life.” Will she follow the path that the Book of Fortune has set aside? Or will she go against the Fates and begin to write her own destiny, compromising her heart in the process?

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