Dee Richards

“‘Meine Geschichte’ no doubt plays on the heartstrings of any parent. But in writing, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve parented a human before, you’re parented words. In Dee’s story, everyone gets the chance to recognize the familiar highs and lows of nurturing a creation and struggling to let it go.” — Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

My work is best suited to adults, since it features mature content, but I believe it also requires one to be a little “young-at-heart”.

In what way would you say your Byline Legacies story, “Meine Geschichte”, is similar to and/or different from your usual mature tone?

My work in “Byline Legacies” is very similar in tone with my preferred fiction writing style: weird, fairy tale-like, and femme-empowering. It differs from my other published works in that it is the first of this kind to be published. The bulk of my published works has largely been creative non-fiction. Though “Meine Geschichte” is a very personal story, with elements of my heritage and experiences as a parent woven throughout, it is most definitely a work of fantastical fiction that will resonate heavily with writers of all genres.

How can readers best support your writing career?

By following me on Twitter @DeeRichardsSD and reading my other published works from Cabinet of Heed Literary Journal, Daily Drunk Magazine, and the “Beginnings” Issue by Epoch Press. The links to these, and more of my work, are available on my blog at

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