Jenn Jarrett

“Jenn writes introspectively but still manages to perfectly capture that moment of reflection in a way that so many writers can relate to. Her writing is almost like a poetic version of my own diary.” — Lizzie Thornton, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

My favorite genre to write is high fantasy with a darker edge. The weirder the world I’ve created, the happier I am with it! I love to think about what could never happen in reality and create a story around a fundamentally different existence.

But I also like to jump the line between the supernatural and ideas based in fact by also dabbling in science fiction. In that genre, I write less about space and more about what could happen in biological systems on macro and micro scales. In simpler terms…I love things like zombies, but for the science instead of the action. In college, I’d planned to get a degree in genetics before switching to professional writing, and that shows in my science fiction tastes!

I write these magical, experimental worlds toward the Adult audience, but I keep the themes and content at a crossover level. I loved reading Adult books through high school and want my own writing to have that appeal for any young adult who might reach for it.

In what way would you say your Byline Legacies feature is similar and/or different from your usual fiction?

To find a literary voice to suit Cardigan Press’s tone and lean away from my typical commercial writing style, I let introspection about my publishing goals exist without lacing it through a fictional character’s experience. I then aimed it away from a first-person stream of consciousness to a third-person narrative view of my writing process. That became a small but powerful piece that compares the societal view of success with what’s within my personal control. Learning how to adjust to a literary voice for the vignette was a fun challenge, but the themes of self-discovery and individual thought reflect throughout all my writing.

How can readers best support your writing career?

I hope to start querying a dark fantasy full of monsters in March and self-publish the first book in a nonlinear, dragon-focused series within the next twelve months, so if anyone wants a fresh Fantasy voice soon, they can find me on Twitter. I’m also a professional editor with more information here.

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