Lynn Katz

“Take your favorite childhood story and rewrite it for an adult audience. Not an easy task in my opinion, but somehow Lynn does it with ease and excellence.” — Lizzie Thornton, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

Most of my writing is for kids—specifically Middle-Grade novels. I’m about ready to launch my first adult psychological thriller. I’ve also tried writing picture books—SO HARD! The truth is, I’m all over the place, which, most of the time, is not a bad place to be.

In what way would you say your poem in Byline Legacies is similar and/or different from your usual writing?

Although I’ve dabbled in poetry, I’d never submitted a poem for publication before I submitted to Cardigan Press. The fact that my poem is about reading my favorite middle grade novel, Charlotte’s Web, tells you where my heart is happiest.

How can readers best support your writing career?

I’d love for readers to check out my website to learn more about my debut novel, The Surrogate, which launches on May 6. The book explores the psychological profile of a 16-year-old, would-be mass shooter and the English teacher who tries to help him. As a school principal at the time of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I have continued to grapple with how mass shootings are so ubiquitous in our country and how we can stop them. As a writer, that’s how I grapple-with pen in hand.

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