Michelle Tang

“Michelle’s submission ‘Message in a Novel’ made me miss bookstore strolling so much. You never know who or what you may find when you open your heart to a book in your hand. Michelle’s story taps into the sentimental magic of the book copies that mean more to us than anything on the shelf, mostly because of the people we share them with through the years.” — Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

I mostly write for an adult audience. As for genre–it’s interesting, because the first writing class I ever took was with a literary writing teacher, so my earlier work reads differently than my current, speculative stories.

I write different genres according to the ideas that inspire me (although I am a little intimidated by hard science fiction). I’m written two books, one of which is a murder mystery, and the other is a paranormal fantasy. Most of my short stories are horror or dark fantasy, because I like to be scared.

In what ways is your story in Byline Legacies similar and/or different from your usual writing?

I really like this question because “Message in a Novel” is so different from my usual pieces. Usually my work has supernatural/fantastical elements inherent in the world, and my protagonist is either accustomed to this (as in my fantasy stories) or actively avoids this (as in my horror stories).

“Message in a Novel” features a protagonist who lives in a normal world and searches for a sign of the supernatural. There is a question of whether he is displaying magical thinking in a rational environment, compared to my other characters who are trying to think rationally in magical circumstances.

How else can readers best support you at this time?

I’m busy preparing my two books for the querying process, and I’m always submitting my short stories for publication. So, the best way to support me right now is to talk to me! I love chatting about WIPs and writing craft on Twitter: @a_girl_Michelle.

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