R. Tim Morris

“R. Tim Morris stays true to his literary style as he highlights the relationship between writer and character across a spectrum of reality. He reminds us that not every inspiration is the same, but all are equally part of who we are and where we’re going.” — Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

Adult Literary Fiction is certainly where my writing usually falls, though I enjoy slipping other genres into my books, and I like to make each of my standalone novels very different from the one before. My books have included Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary, Humor, and Sci-Fi elements. My latest novel is a Dark Fairy Tale/Portal Fantasy, and it’s been written with more of an Upmarket NA angle.

In all of my books, I utilize deceptive writing techniques, where certain plot threads will act as red herrings in order to distract the reader from the bigger picture. Little moments in my writing are often the moments readers really need to pay attention to; they are the kind of clues that, upon a second read, turn into moments that make the reader go, “How did I NOT pick up on that the first time?” So my work demands a lot of dedication from the reader, something that is certainly a big ask in these times of mass media consumption. Themes and metaphors are big in my books, too.

In what other ways does your story in Byline Legacies read similar to or different from your usual writing?

My short story submission is told in 2nd-person, which is a POV I’m definitely familiar with, but this one is also in future tense, which makes it read somewhat like a “how-to” or a “step-by-step” guide, hence the title: “How To Invite Strangers”. Mostly, I wanted to write this story for other writers, and have it read like anyone could relate, maybe even help them if they’re finding their own writing is in need of a bit of a changeup. It’s about reflecting on what we’ve written, and where we’re going next.

“How To Invite Strangers” is still full of my usual elements, so familiar readers can expect ambiguous characters, strong dialogue, as well as some magical realism tossed in for good measure.

How can readers best support you at this time?

Honestly, it’s as simple as buying/reading/reviewing/recommending my books. If your tendency is to read the latest, popular craze, maybe stop and ask yourself how you can help the authors who aren’t in the big spotlight. I’m confident in the high-quality of my stories. Head on over to my website (rtimmorris.com/shop). And don’t forget that if you don’t wish to support Amazon, most independent bookshops can order my books if you request them.

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