Toni Wall

“Toni lovingly and accurately invites us to witness a distinct moment of childhood—one that may mirror many writers’ experiences—and by doing so, creates a beautiful relationship with readers that leaves us both content with the outcome and also longing for another glimpse into her character’s life.” — Lizzie Thornton, editor for Cardigan Press

What genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

I’m definitely most comfortable in a New Adult Fantasy setting. That’s where my taste gravitates when I read and that’s where my imagination tends to go when I write. I’m currently working on my debut novel, which is New Adult Medieval Fantasy. I have a sequel on the drafting board, as it were. And I’m already lazily drafting/dreaming a New Adult Fantasy Romance for when I’m all done with the duology (which is something I’m really excited to get into!)

In what way would you say your Byline Legacies piece, “Birthday Money”, is similar to and/or different from your usual New Adult tone?

It’s completely different. My submission for Cardigan Press is very much based in reality, specifically in the world of the early ’90s. Almost historical fiction, ha! Though, I suppose the character I created for this piece has her heart in a fantasy world. So, in that way, I’m staying true to my genre.

How can readers best support your writing career?

Right now, I’m in the revision process for my debut novel. If anyone wants to keep up with my happenings, I do have a newsletter (sign up HERE). I try to send out updates at least once a month. I also have a Facebook page and a reader group (though this is new and I’m still working on it.) I’m very active on Instagram in the bookstagram community. That’s probably where I spend most of my time. Feel free to follow along! I love talking books and writing!

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